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What this site is for

I started writing more a few years ago (speaking too), perhaps as a result of realising how scalable it is as a communication channel.

The content here are reflections on my experience, some technical others managerial. The common theme is software engineering in tech startup/scale-up environment.

My intention is to let readers re-live my experience (and re-think my mistakes too) in order for them to reflect on in their mindspace. Don’t forget to carry on building, equipped with your newly gained knowledge!

Who I am

I started (or tried to start) a company during dotcom bust with a few friends, before having any work experience. That did not end well but helpfully all of us landed various jobs in tech as a result. Fast forward 20+ years later, I have not been tired of it since.

It is a journey of discovery: trying my hands on different things, from writing tons of code to writing tons of docs :) and from a lone wolf to being responsible for packs of wolves :) My view of the industry has changed while industry itself has been changing too; the only constant is that I am still here.

I always tell people: I am incredibly lucky to work on the things I love, while getting paid doing it. I am also deeply indebt to many people who have helped me along the way. For that, I say thank you and if I cannot pay it back, I pay it forward.

Fluffy stuff aside,

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How to work with me

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